Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Summer Sports Training Camp for Youth

Fort Wayne, IN (May 10, 2022) - Young athletes looking to improve their speed, agility and power now have a summer camp option. Indiana Tech will host a Youth Speed/Power/Agility Camp starting July 11 at the Warrior Park track on East Tillman Road.

Indiana Tech track coach Doug Edgar (Indiana Tech Warriors via Instagram) 

The camp is designed for youth athletes ages 7-18 with the goal to increase speed, improve agility, and reduce the chance of injury. The 5-week program will focus on running, jumping, landing, change of direction, and more.

The camp will be hosted by Head Tack Coach Doug Edgar, a certified strength and conditioning coach who has led Indiana Tech to 15 NAIA National Championships in track and field.

“As a Fort Wayne native, I am excited that our program is in a place where we can offer these types of programs to Fort Wayne youth athletes,” said Edgar. “I feel the camp will provide useful tools and skills that athletes can use year round in their chosen sport. I think parents and athletes will be shocked at the improvement they see from the camp.”

Cost for the camp is $100.

For more information on the camp or to register a youth athlete, click here.