Friday, May 20, 2022

Free Books for Babies and Toddlers

Indianapolis, IN (May 20, 2022) - Indiana Youth Works is giving away free baby and toddler books to parents, teachers, and child care workers. There are five different books to be given away.
Parents are limited to 2 copies per book.If you wish to know more about the books, we have provided full titles as well as publisher’s descriptions about them for further information.

My Fridge
This amusing board book, shaped like a refrigerator, shows many of the foods you typically find inside one, from plump strawberries and yummy apples to delicious milk, yogurt, fish, tofu, cheese, and many other treats. The playful illustrations and fun text will satisfy all the mini-eaters, hungry bookworms, and curious future chefs out there.

It’s Potty Time! (Tracey Corderoy)
Baby Bear is learning to use his new potty and Bailey, his toy rabbit, is learning, too! It’s sometimes rather tricky…but Mommy knows just what will help! A wonderful book to reassure little ones who are learning to use the potty.

Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug
A classic bedtime ritual experienced through a baby's eyes, this book conveys safe sleep practices in a gentle, rhythmic way. A perfect gift for new families, expecting mothers and babysitters- it was created for Charlie's Kids Foundation, whose mission is educating families about SIDS prevention.

It’s Potty Time! (Tracey Corderoy)
Baby Bear is learning to use his new potty and Bailey, his toy rabbit, is learning, too! It’s sometimes rather tricky…but Mommy knows just what will help! A wonderful book to reassure little ones who are learning to use the potty.

Al Galope! (Spanish Edition)
A first book of motion for kids, it shows a horse in full gallop and a turtle swimming up the page. A dog runs, a cat springs, an eagle soars, and a butterfly flutters. Created by Rufus Butler Seder, an inventor, artist, and filmmaker fascinated by antique optical toys, Scanimation is a state-of-the-art six-phase animation process that combines the "persistence of vision" principle with a striped acetate overlay to give the illusion of movement. Complementing the art is a delightful rhyming text full of simple questions and fun, nonsense replies: Can you gallop like a horse? giddyup-a-loo! Can you strut like a rooster? cock-a-doodle-doo!

Move! (Lolly Hopwood)
This award winning book introduces an ingenious way to help kids get the 60 minutes of active play they need each day. Move! is a book that combines imaginative play with movement. Hold it up to your face like a big pair of jaws and ROAR and STOMP like a dinosaur. Hold it by the die-cut handles to swing in a hip-to-hip motion while ROWING like a canoe. Or hold on tight and SPIN like a flying saucer.

This inventive format will excite the imaginations of kids and parents alike. Lively rhyming text and colorful, spirited illustrations prompt young readers to perform physical activities utilizing the book’s die-cut holes and handles. Move! is a book that will foster a love for reading and a love for physical activity—a book designed to keep kids healthy, happy, and having fun.

If there are any teachers and child care facilities interested in multiple copies, please contact us via email. Sorry, due to weight, all books are local pick up only. Please call before showing up, thanks.

Pick up location:

1761 N. Sherman Dr. Suite F
Indianapolis, Indiana
(463) 221-3556

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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Summer Sports Training Camp for Youth

Fort Wayne, IN (May 10, 2022) - Young athletes looking to improve their speed, agility and power now have a summer camp option. Indiana Tech will host a Youth Speed/Power/Agility Camp starting July 11 at the Warrior Park track on East Tillman Road.

Indiana Tech track coach Doug Edgar (Indiana Tech Warriors via Instagram) 

The camp is designed for youth athletes ages 7-18 with the goal to increase speed, improve agility, and reduce the chance of injury. The 5-week program will focus on running, jumping, landing, change of direction, and more.

The camp will be hosted by Head Tack Coach Doug Edgar, a certified strength and conditioning coach who has led Indiana Tech to 15 NAIA National Championships in track and field.

“As a Fort Wayne native, I am excited that our program is in a place where we can offer these types of programs to Fort Wayne youth athletes,” said Edgar. “I feel the camp will provide useful tools and skills that athletes can use year round in their chosen sport. I think parents and athletes will be shocked at the improvement they see from the camp.”

Cost for the camp is $100.

For more information on the camp or to register a youth athlete, click here.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Student Space Program

West Lafayette, Indiana (August 10, 2018) — Purdue's School of Aeronautics and Astronautics has made Launchboxes available to schools for students to conduct space experiments. The small aluminum boxes have already proven successful in a zero-gravity experiment.

Professor Steven Collicott recently finished a two-year project with Cumberland Elementary School second-graders in West Lafayette, in which they used the Launchboxes to send fireflies into space via a Blue Origin rocket. Collicott says the 8x4 boxes were found to be inexpensive enough to be given away to schools, and also that they can be launched into space at a height of 60 miles in the air by the Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, much higher than aircraft or balloons.

“That flight opportunity is now available to schools all over the world at roughly half the cost of high school football uniforms,” Collicott said. “Any school district in the country that plays football can now afford space flight."

A few aluminum Launchboxes already have been shipped out this summer and more interest is expected as students return to K-12 schools across the nation, said Steven Collicott, professor of aeronautics and astronautics.

The boxes are strong enough to support 15 pounds and allow schools to work within the 1-pound payload limit. Collicott says some of the boxes have already been sent to schools. The Blue Origin New Shepard rocket reaches space at a height of 60 miles in the air, much higher that any balloon or aircraft.

“Teachers should be thinking and working with students about what’s going inside the box and the purpose of their experiment, not how to house it on the rocket." "These Purdue School Launchboxes enable more schools to fly their own original experiments to space by taking this mundane, low-tech stumbling block out of the way for teachers.”

In December, Collicott and his students finished a two-year project working with second-graders from Cumberland Elementary School in West Lafayette to send up an experiment aboard a Blue Origin rocket launch to determine whether fireflies could light up in space.

Compliments from Blue Origin officials about the box used for the firefly experiment led Collicott to look into possible production. His findings: Launchboxes were so inexpensive that they could be given away to interested schools and other organizations.

“We email the schools some computer files for 3D printing the plastic end caps,” he said. “Then we ship them the pre-formed aluminum for the box plus the fasteners and instructions for assembly.

“It’s a simple solution that stayed simple.”

Schools or other organizations interested in getting a Purdue School Launchbox can email Collicott at collicott@purdue.eduand include “Purdue School Launchbox” in the subject line.